Polypodium invites local and global luminaries to bring people together to discuss ideas and the creative process. The events take place within our informal studio space, which encourages more personal interaction with the speakers. So far the series have involved graphic designers, authors, thought-leaders, product designers, architects, filmmakers, artists, and information designers.

If you have any suggestions for a speaker, or to book a spot for upcoming events, please drop us a note at connect@polypod.com.lb or join the Polypodium Facebook page.

April 2013
Visualizing Palestine at Polypod
The Polypod Creative Series is pleased to host the Visualizing Palestine team on Thursday April 18, who will share the process of transforming raw data into visual stories. VP is the intersection of communication, social sciences, technology, design and urban studies for social justice. VP uses creative visuals to describe a factual, rights-based narrative of the Palestiniain-lsraeli conflict.  Polypod and VP have worked closely together for over a year, producing innovative, high-impact infographics that have been shared throughout the world.

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This event is free. 

To reserve a spot, send an email with the names of attendees to connect@polypod.com.lb 

We look forward to hosting you in our continuing Polypod Creative Series.

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