Polypodium invites local and global luminaries to bring people together to discuss ideas and the creative process. The events take place within our informal studio space, which encourages more personal interaction with the speakers. So far the series have involved graphic designers, authors, thought-leaders, product designers, architects, filmmakers, artists, and information designers.

If you have any suggestions for a speaker, or to book a spot for upcoming events, please drop us a note at connect@polypod.com.lb or join the Polypodium Facebook page.

December 2014
POP-UP Studio-X Beirut 3
Urban Stories

Individual Narratives from Beirut

By exploring the role of storytelling as a creative construction of experience, we will cast light on the complex relationship between story and place. As the newest hub within Columbia University’s vibrant global Studio-X network, Beirut seeks to tackle the crucial questions facing the future of our cities through a multidisciplinary perspective of the urban narrative. Join us as our guests share their stories and their work on Beirut.

Annia Ciezadlo Foreign Correspondent
Habib Battah Investigative Journalist
Nada Sehnaoui Visual Artist
Tom Young Painter
Liz Martin-Malikian Curator Pop-up Studio-X

Pop-up Studio-X Beirut is a temporary think-tank creating a dialogue about urban life, a public platform bringing together creative minds to connect in Beirut.

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