Polypodium invites local and global luminaries to bring people together to discuss ideas and the creative process. The events take place within our informal studio space, which encourages more personal interaction with the speakers. So far the series have involved graphic designers, authors, thought-leaders, product designers, architects, filmmakers, artists, and information designers.

If you have any suggestions for a speaker, or to book a spot for upcoming events, please drop us a note at connect@polypod.com.lb or join the Polypodium Facebook page.

January 2017
Louis Karim
As soon as he graduated from engineering school, Louis decided to go down a more artistic path. He started by learning character modelling on his first job, and realized animation was his true calling. He attended Animation Mentor, and has since worked as an animator on movies, TV series and commercials, shown in Singapore, Russia, Lebanon, Bahrain, and other places.

An avid gamer, he is currently an animator and rigger at Unknown Worlds Entertainment, working on the underwater exploration game, Subnautica.


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